Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hello from Blogville!!!

I've recently been asked "are you OK? I haven't seen you on your blog for awhile." Yes, I am FINE!  Just seems as though when I began keeping up with friends via Facebook and purchased an iPhone, I'm not spending so much time blogging at my computer. I hope that pattern will reverse itself in 2014.

For those who haven't heard ... we took our house off the market at the end of the summer.  It was a tough decision and one that made us sad. I struggled for a couple of weeks, but thankfully I'm "back on top of things". Simply put, the time just didn't seem right, although it is our wish to make the move back to California. Our family is looking forward to that day!

We spent a lovely Thanksgiving with our family in California and look forward to spending Christmas there as well. A highlight of our Thanksgiving celebration was Maddie's announcement that she is a "big sister in training!" Yes, Jeremy and Renee are expecting another little one June 21 and we are all very excited!

It's been quite a year! Brett and Esther and girls left here for Simi Valley on July 6 and our new neighbors (a lovely young family) moved in shortly thereafter. It was truly amazing to see how God orchestrated every detail of their move. Esther is teaching second grade for LAUSD. Brett is teaching Bible at Oaks Christian (OCS) and Moira attends there as well. (So we have five Dewey girls at that school!) The other little girls attend a nearby neighborhood school. They have settled in quite well with family and friends nearby.

Jeff and Caroline and their family continue life's hectic pace. Jeff is loving having Brett teaching at "his school" (The students love it too! :)) Caroline continues her private tutor work, as well as at OCS.  Cole is second year at local community college and all the girls are at OCS. Work, sports, church and friends keep the family in high gear.

Jeremy is very busy in his management position with PennyMac and Renee has been blessed to be able to work from home with her Bank of America job. Maddie is now in pre-school and is enjoying it. She's very precocious and very social! She is very excited about being a big sister!

Rich and I are waiting to see how God directs our path. We have stepped down from our ministries in anticipation of a move and await God's direction. We have determined that in the meantime, we will continue to enjoy our home and the lovely friends God has put in our lives here.

We wish you all the joys and blessings of this Holy Season. Merry Christmas to all!