Thursday, July 25, 2013

Colorado Here We Come!!!

Looking forward to seeing these happy faces REAL SOON!!!

We've been planning a family reunion at Breckenridge, CO, for a year. Original plan was for us to caravan with Brett and Esther and girls. Of course, this was long before Brett and Esther and family moved to California. Now they will caravan with Jeff, Caroline, and their family. We'll pick up Jeremy, Renee, and Maddie at the Denver airport. We are ALL so excited!!!

All 18 of us will be celebrating LIFE!!! Enjoying each other and just plan ole' hanging' out together. Who knows what excitement lies ahead.

We can hardly wait!

Thank you Lord for your bountiful blessings, namely our three great sons, their lovely wives, and their collective 10 precious children!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Maeve!

Maeve will be six years old on Sunday, but since they'll be moving to California and on the road somewhere between Albuquerque and Phoenix, we had her birthday dinner on July 3.

She set the menu: meat loaf, mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, cucumbers, and apple crisp for birthday dessert. I surprised her with the black olives!

She had originally asked for a rainbow cake, but I knew I didn't want to have three-quarters of a six layer cake left over so I had decided on making cupcakes.

As we were driving into Wichita a couple of days ago, she announced she changed her mind and asked for apple crisp with ice cream. Her favorite ice cream is strawberry so I asked if we could do vanilla and she was fine with that. The funny thing was, she said she'd never had apple crisp before. I knew all the adults would be in favor, so apple crisp it was!

Maeve is a fun, spunky, very petite little girl.  She's missing her top front teeth and has a lose bottom tooth. It was fun to watch her eat! She loves school and will be going into first grade this year.

Earlier in the day, Audrey and I were at Wal-Mart when she said, "I wish I had money to buy Maeve a birthday present". I asked her what she would get and she said an Ariel doll.  So we went to check them out. It was just like the one Maeve and I had seen at Kohl's but cost a little less. Audrey then proceeded to tell me how all four girls would like the princess dolls and who would like which doll. So for a going-away gift for each of them we (Grandma!) bought four dolls. Cinderella for Isabel, Ariel for Maeve, Belle for Audrey, and Rapunzel for Moira. Audrey had in mind how to arrange them on the island, from oldest to youngest. The girls were so surprised and loved them!! I worried that Mo would think she was too old for a doll. Not so!!! They took them to breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning and then sat out on the driveway playing. Very sweet.

A fun birthday celebration, which happened to be our last dinner at our house. We didn't make a point of that, probably a good thing.  I was worried the mashed potatoes would be a little salty from my tears.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!